Something Wicked This Way Comes

I am writing 60 blog entries over the course of my fundraising campaign which officially ends in 55 days. In this way I am chronicling my process as a female entrepreneur aspiring to launch a completely online solution to our current mental health crisis. I’ve decided to express in the achingly raw way I do in my Hummingbird Series. Honesty and expression through writing save my life, every day. But, I will say, I feel beholden to a certain “appropriate” air since I am coming at this as a professional. So fill in between the lines as you see fit.

Be careful of triggering language, and of course, feel free to comment. Or not.

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Entry: 3 of 60

Something Wicked This Way Comes


Something that infinitely fascinates me about mental health is the discussion of etiology or where something comes from. There’s this war between the “wickedness/insanity/posession” and the “complex neurobiological disruption” perspectives that may or may not need to be at war. I’ve been very spiritual all my life (and yes, I own and claim “spiritual” as a label and don’t consider it a “cop out” like some do!), and when I first went into psychiatry I was very much wanting to understand this distinction more.

I’ve also been deeply curious about what makes a person mentally “distrubed” versus “just kinda kooky” (or whatever).

My sister is a bright woman. Even though I wrestled with the second of the two questions above for years (ha!), when I presented the issue to her, she unequivocally nailed the difference. Those who are mentally “ill” and those who are “within normal range” differ in how much they are connected to a reality that the majority attests to as being “actual”. Those within normal range may have fluctuating moods (I’m guilty…), have self-destructive thoughts throughout their life (guilty again), etc. but they by and large connect with those on “this” side of the veil. Those with mental illness connect with and think, hear, smell things that  the majority of us do not.

If this is taken as true, it makes sense from a biological perspective that we would want to “fix” the mentally ill by somehow eradicating the thing that seperates them, almost like ministers might do in the name of ridding a person of “Sin” – something that disconnects them from God, in that case. Seperation can mean certain death in the wild.


When I’m at work at the psychiatric hospital, I often don’t think we need to “fix” anybody. But this is not a favored perspective, and I’ve learned to not speak about this. It’s a tricky space. Maybe I’m too into people’s quirks and idiosnyncracies. The one acception to this is when a person is suffering. I never want that.

What do you think makes a person mentally ill or healthy?

Depression and anxiety are the main afflictions that Journal To Save Your Life addresses with girls and ultimately boys, too. These two conditions affect the vast majority of those who have experienced sexual violence (guilty), addiction (guilty), bullying (see post 2 of 60), and parental abuse. The therapies we have translated into our online medium are supported time and time again in the research to help REDUCE depression and anxiety up to 80%. Why wouldn’t we want to provide such a resource for our children? Everyone on our team is volunteering. You helping us build our program’s website will be incredibly well received.

Please make Journal To Save Your Life come to life by giving up your pennies or hundred dollar bills to our cause. Every thought, every moment, every bit of financial support will help us get off the ground and fly.

Then we might really see some change in our mental health industry. Wouldn’t this be refreshing?

Thanks for reading.

Life, science, and spirituality,

~Jasper Faolan
Journal To Save Your Life!

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