I am writing 60 blog entries over the course of my fundraising campaign which officially ends in 55 days. In this way I am chronicling my process as a female entrepreneur aspiring to launch a completely online solution to our current mental health crisis. I’ve decided to express in the achingly raw way I do in my Hummingbird Series. Honesty and expression through writing save my life, every day. But, I will say, I feel beholden to a certain “appropriate” air since I am coming at this as a professional. So fill in between the lines as you see fit.

Be careful of triggering language, and of course, feel free to comment. Or not.

See my Campaign here! www.indiegogo.com/JournalToSaveYourLife2

* * *

Entry: 4 of 60

It’s been a few days since my last entry because my best friend, Bonnie, came to visit me and my family in Colorado. I. Love. Her. She really is a best friend. I had a moment (that she doesn’t know about…) where I finally relaxed and felt safe with her ~ completely, profoundly, utterly safe ~ for the first time with a ladyfriend since I was a little girl and was first bullied at a birthday party. We’ve known each other since 2008.  Painful stings of life can stay with you for a long freaking time. PTSD is real.

Today I posted a very different Journal To Save Your Life fundraising campaign. I know I can be academic (my MBA and current graduate degree program are in support of this), I know I can be professional (and I like being professional), but it’s just seemed SO WRONG to be expressing Journal To Save Your Life in this way. I need fire, I need self, I need energy to be real on something as faceless as IndieGoGo.com…so I’m glad I “came out” today, even if it might be “too much” for some people.

Rage is a very real component of growth and determining the truth of one’s life. If I scream in a mosh pit, I am so much closer to understanding who I am than if I were to express at a tea party. It’s just who I am.

Ha! Who I am. What a funny costruct. I’ve been unable to know myself for decades. Good to be here. It’s all about writing, creating, and ART. And social skills. And cognitive behavioral worksheets that you can create right in your own home. Reframe the situation and become empowered. Rage and decide what is important to you.

I hope my campaign goes well. I hope we can support girls with Journal To Save Your Life, the program that has utterly become MY CALLING. I won’t stop until this is complete.


Journal To Save Your Life!

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