Audacious EXPRESSION, courageous compassion, and unmoving, unconditional love are at the core of who I am. Girls deserve to be supported in experiencing all of these Joys in their life — if they want to. Autonomy is freedom to express and experience life in an unrestricted way.

I am so blessed that my nonprofit fundraising campaign is now being supported by those I’ve never met before, but who Connect with the message in a visceral way. Share our story and rewards with everyone you know as who knows who will really get what we’re up to and be moved to become a part of Journal To Save Your Life.

I’ve never been more motivated and passionate about a project before. I will work on J2SYL for the rest of my life. I am totally committed. It doesn’t get any better than this. We are together in supporting mental health; love; light; laughter; and excelling at getting through heavy shit in Creative and Healthy ways. There is nothing a strong mind cannot handle. Nothing. Mental health builds the type of everlasting resilience that is awe-inspiring and genuine. I can’t wait to learn of the girls who will be doing my program this March. I can’t wait to tell the girls that they are more valuable than they can even imagine right now. I am so moved to be this person with them. I want to support and unconditionally love the most self deprecating teenager and the most self-loving. Love knows no bounds, we all can find ways to love others in our lifetime, and I am loving others through Journal To Save Your Life. Please contribute today to help our dream happen. Please gift us what you can so that we can launch a program that will ultimately go national and help close a billion dollar national need. Help young women with a few dollars or a lot of dollars – do what you can right now. Help the one girl that reminds you of you. Help just one girl. We need you. ❤ Jasper

Here’s our campaign link:

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