More J2SYL Program Details


Here are other notable components of the Journal To Save Your Life program.

Parental/Guardian Consent

Girls must have parental or guardian permission to participate in J2SYL.


For Journal To Save Your Life’s pilot year, the program begins with the girls taking quizzes. These quizzes assess where they are on a depression scale, what their self-concept is like, and other measures that will help the J2SYL team identify how much (or little) the J2SYL program helps female adolescents who are (or are at risk for) experiencing anxiety and/or depression. The girls will take the same set of quizzes three more times during the year for a total of 1 hour and 40 minutes of quiz taking. Girls are of course allowed to “opt out” of answering our surveys at any time.

Journal To Save Your Life Time Capsule (J2SYL TC)

The first J2SYL activity involves the girls creating and submitting a multi-media ‘J2SYL Time Capsule’. The J2SYL TC can include favorite songs, letters from their bffs, journal entries, voice recording, pictures–anything and everything that represents their life, attitudes and interests upon entering J2SYL. The J2SYL TC represents square one…and it’s going to be wonderful to see how much the girls learn about themselves, their friends, and their world in month 12 when they “open” their time capsule up and reflect on their past year. Most exciting.

Developing a Mental Health ‘Safety Plan’

Next, the girls are educated on how to generate a mental health ‘safety plan’ so that they can address the following issues safely: difficulties with parents, body image, grief, crisis management, delinquency, bullying, stressful environments, violence, cutting, questions about sexuality and autonomous identity formation.

Critically Addressing One’s Thoughts, Aspirations, and Actions

We then cover the above issues while emphasizing the importance of developing a flexible mind, of learning how to interpret the world in a productive way, how to connect with people healthfully, and how to become happily resilient in the face of inevitable change.


Incentives will be offered throughout the program, such as art supplies, personal letters of encouragement from the J2SYL team, and private videos from bands the girls care about and resonate with.


Throughout the J2SYL program, girls are encouraged to give honest feedback on EVERY aspect of the program. The girls who complete our pilot program will be especially precious to us–as their feedback will help shape the final version of Journal To Save Your Life for girls everywhere.

Mentor Program

After a girl has completed the J2SYL 12 month program, she will be eligible to become a leader and mentor in our community.  We will have a free, three month, online training program for those who are interested. Girls will learn how to have healthy boundaries while being supportive of their counterparts who decide to begin our J2SYL program.

This program allows J2SYL graduates the opportunity to build their self-esteem by giving back to the community that helped transform them.

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