Expression. Freedom. Personal Revolution.

Audacious, Honest EXPRESSION

Our J2SYL 52 week program provides at-risk female youth with a platform to EXPRESS their direst, funniest, most growth provoking truths one journal entry, video, photo, or poem at a time.

We believe (and research shows) that intentional EXPRESSION is a key to FREEDOM. J2SYL’s 12 month program for at-risk females aged 12-18 is based on the philosophy that no matter what the situation involves (abuse, sexual violence, addiction, toxic relationships, bullying), a girl CAN attain a sense of freedom by cultivating personal resiliency and happiness in a intense world through Expression.

Founding Personal Revolution

Our most intense moments can become the foundation of our own personal revolution. This is what J2SYL teaches girls.

Life isn’t always about fluffy ducks and rainbows. Inevitably life sucks every once in a while, or all the time. This is just a fact. We do get to choose how we mentally conceptualize and RESPOND to adversity — this is where our power lies. Founder Jasper Faolan’s dark moments have always propelled her to her next stage in life – so she’s stopped running from them. We don’t wish dark moments on anyone, but since they do happen, J2SYL helps young women figure out what to do with ridiculous, painful, or embarrassing experiences, free of charge.

Collaborative creation, not top down therapy.

Throughout our program J2Girls will be encouraged to submit comments on !EVERY! aspect of our website to make it their own. Their suggestions will be integrated into the final version of our program, to be launched in 2014.  Everyone deserves to have a voice. J2SYL will ultimately be the creation of an entire community of loud, fiery female youth who are sure to rock our worlds.

Furthermore, J2SYL is the creation of 26+ professionals who volunteer their time + a paid web designer group, J2SYL is the brainchild and shared vision of a whole host of wonderful people, not one woman. Journal To Save Your Life is a community community response to a severe lack of quality mental health services for our youth. Get involved.

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