Professional Overview

On October 10th, 2012, this young girl took her life due to cyber bullying.

Amanda Todd

Here is Amanda Todd’s personal video:

Amanda states how she had “no one”.

She didn’t get the help she needed.

Journal To Save Your Life is dedicated to Amanda Todd and all others teens that experience mental health distress.


It is the Mission of Journal To Save Your Life to be that “someone” who loves unconditionally. Every person is valuable, and no one deserves to be anxious or depressed without support.


It is the life, mission, duty, and purpose of Journal To Save Your Life (J2SYL) to help address America’s dearth of mental health resources.  Through education, research, and a free mental health program, we aim to alleviate the devastating intra and interpersonal effects experienced as a result of anxiety and depression. In terms of dissemination of our intervention program, an exclusively online approach is necessary to make the biggest impact on our youth. Doing so allows J2SYL to be infinitely scalable – a high priority for a nonprofit organization seeking to make an essential impact in youths’ lives.  J2SYL will come to fruition via astute social media, a cutting edge web design, and the 26 generous professionals who all volunteer their time to make J2SYL happen.

J2SYL is for at-risk, adolescent females aged 12-18. J2SYL is a free, online mental health program made up of 52 weekly, therapeutic installments called “J2Gifts”. These J2Gifts integrate rational emotional behavioral therapy (a form of cognitive behavioral therapy), narrative psychiatry, therapeutic art, education research, and the transformational learning model.[i] Our one-year J2SYL pilot program launches March 18th 2013 – if we raise the necessary funds to build our program website.  The efficacy of the J2SYL pilot program will be evaluated professionally. We will share our research with academia and the general public as a way of furthering society’s knowledge of innovative, exclusively online mental health programs.

J2SYL will support the actions and efforts of school counselors, parents, mental health workers, communities, and nonprofits—for free in perpetuity. After our 2013-2014 pilot, J2SYL will ultimately connect directly with girls who find us online—girls that may or may not have any mental health support in their own environments. In 2015, we will address the needs of boys as well. We will also incorporate a J2Mentor program for teens who successfully make it through J2SYL. Overall we will strengthen our outreach with documentaries, photography exhibits online and offline, published anthologies, books of poems, theatrical productions, dance performances, and the like. These multimedia features will be organized by J2SYL and/or recorded by our volunteers and will be sold for fundraising purposes or distributed freely. Through all of our activities, we intend to teach mental resiliency and confidence to effectively support the mental health our next generation of women and men.

Please allow yourself to support Journal To Save Your Life coming to life. While some nonprofits need a physical space to administer their programming, J2SYL is exclusively online. Therefore our current campaign is dedicated to raising funds so that we can build a highly secure website to administer our programming.

After our first successful campaign we were able to hire Olive Design of Austin, Texas to start building J2SYL. With the level of security and automation required for J2SYL, Olive Design’s quote is most generous at $15,000. With some additional campaign costs we now need to raise a modest $11,212 to build the J2SYL Program website, a website that has the potential of supporting the lives of thousands of at-risk youth.

The J2SYL pilot study will allow J2Girls to comment on how to improve J2SYL to suit the special needs of our youth. J2SYL will incorporate their thoughts and then be rolled out nationally for the benefit of all school districts and parents that require mental health support for their children. To administer our pilot program, we must raise the total amount of this campaign’s goal.

Please consider becoming one of our founding donors.

Your heart means everything for this program.

With you, we will build the J2SYL Program website and LAUNCH in Austin Fall 2013 and Nationally in 2014/2015.

Thank you for your kind thoughts and donations,

Jasper Faolan

[i] Windy Dryden, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy: Theoretical Developments (New York, NY: Brunner-Routledge, 2003; G. N. Clarke, P. Rohde, P.M. Lewinsohn, H. Hops, and J.R. Seeley, “Cognitive-behavioral Treatment of Adolescent Depression,” Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, v. 38 (1999): 272-279; P.M. Lewinsohn, G.N. Clarke, H. Hops, and J. Andrews, “Cognitive-behavioral Group Treatment of Depression in Adolescents,” Behavior Therapy, v. 21 (1990): 385-401; G.N. Clarke, M.C. Hornbrook, F.L. Lynch, M.R. Polen, J. Gale, E. O’Connor, J.R. Seeley, and L.L. DeBar, “Group Cognitive Behavioral Treatment for Depressed Adolescent Offspring of Depressed Parents in a HMO,” Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, v. 41 (2002): 305-313; J. Garber, G.N. Clarke, V.R. Weersing, W.R. Beardslee, D.A. Brent, T.R.G. Gladstone, L. L. DeBar, F.L. Lynch, E. D’Angelo, S.D. Hollon, W. Shamseddeen, and S, Iyengar, “Prevention of Depression in At-Risk Adolescents,” Journal of the American Medical Association, v. 301, no. 21(June 3, 2009): 2215-2224; National Center for Educations Research; M. G. Lodico, D.T. Spaulding, and K.H. Voegtle, Methods in Educational Research: From Theory to Practice (San Francisco, CA: John T. Wiley & Sons, 2010); M. Smith, An Emotional Intelligence Intervention Program for Academic At-risk High School Students (Unpublished doctoral dissertation, Texas A&M University-CorpusChristi, 2004).

More on Journal To Save Your Life:

Explore our first fundraising campaign and learn even more about what our program feels like:

Peruse our website:

See our complete, 30,000 word nonprofit application appendices describing our incorporation, code of ethics, bylaws, Narrative Description of Activities in IRS language, and more.

View our J2SYL Program website cost quote by Olive Design here.

We are passionately committed to supporting the mental health of our youth with a creative, innovative, research-based program. We look forward to your thoughts, comments, ideas, and donations. Thank you for being!

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