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J2SYL is a Creation of Jasper Faolan and her Mother, Dr. Werstein. Together these two women kept Jasper alive during acutely disturbing times, and now they gift the journey of mental health and unconditional love to you.


unnamedJasper Faolan. Sexually Abused. Adolescent Delinquent. Silent. Stripped Away. University. Psychology. MBA. Author of trilogy. Finds Her VOICE. Founds Indie-PEN-Dent! Publishing. Founds Journal To Save Your Life. Becomes Mental Health Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Graduate Student at UT Austin. First Year – Psychiatric RN. 2014 – Journal To Save Your Life Goes National. Revolutions don’t just happen.

Revolutions are Made.

Jasper’s life experiences of sexual violence, bullying, alcoholism, cutting, suicidal ideation, severe depression, social anxiety, and a raging desire to HEAL and MEET THE WORLD drives her to be an authoritative advocate for underserved and uninsured children and adolescents.

Jasper brings her MBA to bear on the mental health industry with J2SYL. She also has her RN license in psychiatry, and she is at the University of Texas at Austin attaining her Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner license with a focus on pediatrics. She has written a trilogy about her own adolescent delinquency as a way of furthering her mission of connect viscerally and positively with youth.

J2SYL CO-FOUNDER ~ DR. TWYLA WERSTEIN (Aka “Twylie”) Screenshot 2014-04-16 18.36.22 copy

Jasper’s Momma, Dr. Twyla Werstein. Highly accomplished. Six advanced degrees. Humble. Jasper’s lifeline. Astute, patient, intelligent. Devoted Mother.

Dr. Werstein has performed the research and compiled the information necessary to make J2SYL’s ‘Social Skills Training’ happen.  She has held multiple leadership positions throughout her lifetime, and she brings a wealth of knowledge, compassion, and dedication to J2SYL. Twyla S Werstein, B.A., B.S.N., M.A., D. Min. has degrees in psychology, adult education, nursing and medical ethics from UT Austin, St. John’s College in Santa Fe, NM, and Rice University.

She is currently a Global Nurse for an Emergency Department’s Behavioral Unit in Colorado.  She has worked for universities on Houston, TX and Dunedin, New Zealand lecturing in ethics, pastoral care and English composition.  She has served on Ethics Boards of hospitals in both USA and New Zealand and directed students in clinical settings.  She also has worked in Inverness, Scotland as a consultant.  She has had several articles printed in newspapers and for professional journals.   She was a Girl Scout leader for over 10 years, has two daughters and two grandchildren and two cats as well as a great husband.


Eric T. TungEric T. Tung is a social media consultant, speaker and trainer, recognized as the #33 “social media talent” in the world, and is ranked among the top 5% of social media consultants. Eric has worked with top companies including BMC Software, Apple, Dell, Newell Rubbermaid, and GDF SUEZ. As an early adopter of social, Eric has spoken at top industry conferences and is a regular blogger for Salesforce, The Business Journals, Social Media Explorer and others. And, Eric is two degrees from Kevin Bacon.


Monique UPenn

Monique L. Powell lives in Philadelphia where she makes art, writes poems, sings, breaks out into spontaneous outbursts of dancing, teaches Kundalini yoga and laughs. Having navigated her own healing journey with no roadmap and precious little reliable assistance, she found rather by accident the potent healing alchemy that is creative self-expression. Her secondary education involved learning to craft poems. Her post secondary work consisted of becoming a yoga teacher and healer who employs mantra, asana and pranayama as well as other modalities to empower those in need to see and appreciate their innate wisdom. Her wish is to act as a lighthouse to those on their own healing journey. In her spare time, she relaxes with her cat, Sadface, and enjoys going to parks, singing karaoke, and performing improv comedy.


Kimberly Hernandez is a Texas native, currently residing in Austin. She is a humanitarian activist, who loves nature and art. Her educational background is social work, government, and nonprofit management. She earned her BSW from UT Arlington and her MPA from Texas A&M. She devotes much of her time to three Austin area nonprofits, as both a staff and board member. She also consults on fundraising, event planning, communications, and social media across sectors. In her free time, you can find her camping, gardening, or dancing. She hopes to expand her interest in holistic wellness, particularly the intersections of mental and physical well-being. She believes the ability to hone creativity greatly contributes to coping and wellness.


Dr. Keira V. Williams was once a depressed teen herself, and she keeps her basket of tattered journals handy as a constant reminder of the power of self-reflection. She is active with the feminist organizations in her community, including the local Girls Rock Camp, Planned Parenthood, and the Rape Crisis Center.  She teaches, studies, and writes about gender; she holds a Ph.D. in History from the University of Georgia, and she teaches Women’s and Gender Studies, History, and Honors courses at Coastal Carolina University in Conway, SC. Her first book, Gendered Politics in the Modern South, about the Susan Smith infanticide case of 1994-1995, will be published by LSU Press in the fall of 2012. She is super-interested in all women’s issues, especially (right now) reproductive rights, motherhood, postpartum psychology, and violence.


Kelsey Gibb is a Qualified Mental Health Professional who has worked in the social service field since earning her bachelor’s degree in 2007. Currently working as a crisis clinician for adults with mental illness, she also leads a weekly two-hour support group for clients focused on helping attendees empower themselves through exploring, validating, and encouraging what makes them survivors. Kelsey has also volunteered and worked for a rape crisis organization and is a long time advocate for women’s, LGBTQ, and animal rights. In the spring of 2011, Kelsey Tour Managed for world poetry slam champion activist and poet, Andrea Gibson – traveling throughout the US to promote Gibson’s art speaking against heterosexism, sexism, white supremacy, classism, war, and men’s sexual violence. Presently pursuing a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) focusing on Gender and Women’s Studies (specifically: ending men’s sexual violence against women), Kelsey plans to graduate this August.


20130106152353-Olive_DesignDescription on it’s way!



Lance McNeill is the Director of Entrepreneurship at Business and Community Lenders (BCL) of Texas and a Curtis Meadows Jr. Social Enterprise Fellow at the LBJ School of Public Affairs at UT Austin.

After completing his undergraduate studies in entrepreneurship, he went on to receive an MBA from Texas State University and then joined the Peace Corps, serving in Namibia as a small business adviser.

He recently completed authoring his first book, The Comprehensive Crowdfunding Guide.


DANIEL BOYD ~ raccoon. Consultant on all things categorical and metaphysical. DATABASE DESIGN ~ STAR SALZMAN Star Salzman lives a happy, delusion-free existence with his lovely goat and two beautiful penguins atop a mountain of money earned from his nonprofit which sells overpriced arms to disadvantaged revolutionaries. Quick to anger but also quick to set things on fire, he is to be trusted only as far as he can be trebuchet’d, which isn’t a word. Among his current projects are the nationwide adoption of ‘extra extra sharp’ as a cheddar cheese designation and the abolition of software that makes your photos appear to come from a different decade. He can be reached by saying his name 3 times backwards in a mirror made from compressed mercury. INTERACTION DESIGN CONSULTANT ~ BRIAN DILLON Brian is a designer and idea-machine who currently spends most of his time developing new web and mobile products with the R&D team at Demand Media. He has extensive experience creating something from nothing, whether a website for the non-profit Urban Roots, a student newspaper at the University of Texas, or a terrific garden in his front yard. He is a former Plan II Student at the University of Texas and hails from the far away land of Houston, TX.


Chelsea Hernandez has taken part in some form of media since the ripe age of 9 years old when she hosted a local Austin children’s program for eight years on the NBC-affiliate. She lived in New York City where she gained internships with Emmy award-winning directors Ric Burns and Jon Alpert’s Downtown Community Television (DCTV), while attending Adelphi University and Brooklyn College. Having been forced to move back to her hometown of Austin, Texas for family health, she embraced her need to gain a college degree and received a BA in Radio-Television-Film from the University of Texas. Every short documentary film Chelsea directed in school received an award and/or played at film festivals across the nation. She is an Austin Film Society grant recipient for a feature documentary she is co-directing (The Road to Livingston). She was Associate Producer and Assistant Editor for the PBS national broadcast of Fixing the Future: NOW on PBS, in which she worked under award-winning producers Karen Bernstein and Ellen Spiro. Currently, she is Editor for a 3D documentary on military working dogs. Chelsea loves the endless amount of real stories in the world and can’t imagine doing anything else but documenting every one of them. She enjoys the power of documentary film-making and connecting with new people and communities.


Jordan Torres hopes to combine film, animation, documentary, and medicine in ways that aid people and create awareness about contractible disease. More importantly, she aspires to one day be a ninja and a super-hottie in an intelligent, non-degrading way. She learned photography in high school and studied it along with film in the RTF program at the University of Texas. After graduating, she traveled for a year in Africa where she shot a short documentary, South America and Japan. While film is still one of the most important and rewarding activities in her life, she’s now at St. Edwards University working towards medical school.

Jasper’s ADVISORS since the BIRTH of


Mitch Antony is a Fortune 100 branding and messaging consultant.  He generously donates consultation hours to Jasper. Journal To Save Your Life had its nascent beginnings under his intent and tireless tutelage. In his own words he is an, ‘Idea nurturer, futures thinker, organizational cat herder and brand guy’. You can visit him here:

Many more Advisor bios to come!

And Many More…

We currently have 14 other professional volunteer staff working on PR, fund development, outreach, messaging, operations, and finances. We intend for JOURNAL TO SAVE YOUR LIFE to become an adolescent focused mental health resource for decades to come.

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