Dear Artist,

I hope this finds you well, and I hope by the end of this short message you will say, “YES!” to being involved with my community. Smiles.

I seek submissions in the form of poetry, video, photo collage, sculpture, podcast, or letter to post on our website for our J2Girls. Here are the two ultimate destinations of your submissions:

  1. Front and center “tutorials” of sorts on our homepage about how to use “x” art form to process and empower one’s life
  2. Secret motivational messages that “unlock” as the girls proceed through the program as a way of rewarding their efforts to become mentally strong

Please include a personal message, photo and any personal branding with your submission. I want the girls to see just how far art and expression can take you.

Email firm expressions of commitment to by January 25th 2013, and your full submission(s) by February 11th 2013. We launch with the Austin Independent School District on March 18th, 2013, so we need things done by February to make sure the security is tight and the program “really works”.

Thank you so much for considering this and for any other submissions that might come from you circle of creators. I very much look forward to girls in Austin, Texas who are otherwise having a very hard time being able to see who you are, and how art has affected your life.


~Jasper Faolan
Journal To Save Your Life!

P.S. Here is my current campaign to raise the funds necessary to launch our forever-free, nonprofit, mental health program for at-risk female youth called Journal To Save Your Life: We need to raise these funds to LAUNCH with the Austin Independent School District — and ultimately nationally in 2014. Spread the word! Thank you!

J2 Graphics

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