Donate Love

Here’s our video from our past, successful fundraiser: 

We are at the capacity building stage of our entrepreneurial venture, and all funds donated from this point forward will go towards:

      • Organizing our Professional Pilot Program with J2SYL Partners
      • Funding a personal assistant for J2SYL Founder, Jasper Faolan (much needed to continue growing!)
      • Film maker Chelsea Hernandez creating J2SYL media
      • J2SYL Website Upkeep

Therefore! Please Donate to J2SYL via credit card or PayPal!

Or make a check or money order out to Journal To Save Your Life and send to:

Journal To Save Your Life!
1908A Westridge Drive
Austin, Texas 78704

Thank you, friend!

Please explore our website to learn more. Jasper Faolan is available at the contact information below. Thank you for ALL that you do, and have a beauty-filled day!

~Jasper Faolan, MBA, RN, Author
The University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing
Family Mental Health Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Student

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