Nonprofit Status

As of January 11th 2013, Journal To Save Your Life officially became a 501(c)3/nonprofit organization according to the IRS. YES! Our mentor (who has been in the game for over 30 years!) believed we would attain nonprofit status without any issues by the spring of 2013, and she was right. Given this, all donations gifted in 2012 are retroactively tax deductible, and any donation you make right now will be tax deductible. Nice.

Our Nonprofit EIN # is 45-5403457. Success!

Please see our Narrative Description of our Activities for the IRS for a full description of our nonprofit activities. This document formally describes our mission and the research that founds Journal To Save Your Life. Also feel free to purview our Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Code of Ethics. See our Team page for biographies of our founders, Jasper Faolan and Dr. Susan Werstein, and our three incredible board members: Dr. Keira Williams, Kimberley Hernandez, and Kelsey Gibb.

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