How we THINK about our WORLD, SELVES, FRIENDS, FAMILY, EVERYONE — determines how happy we are — or aren’t.

Again, how we THINK about things results in how we FEEL about things. Right?

Like, if your best friend ignores you and you think, “God she hates me.”


If your best friend ignores you and you think, “Wow, she must be really sad right now. I wonder how I can connect with her and make her feel better.”

You’ll have a TOTALLY different emotional reaction. Her action is the same — but your THOUGHTS about her can be any number of things.

J2Wisdom strips away all of the ways we limit ourselves by having crappy thoughts. (I’m so guilty of icky thoughts, too.) J2Wisdom is based on “cognitive behavioral therapy” — which has been shown to help teens over 80% of the time! It’s super awesome.

We’ll have worksheets on how you can rope in unwanted thoughts and get to thinking thoughts that make you happier, even if others around you don’t change. You’ll make better choices this way, too, which is excellent excellent excellent.


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