Adults, Schools, Parents, Nonprofits

Dear service providers for youth,

Thank you for considering Journal To Save Your Life (J2SYL) as a support program for your youth!

Watch a brief video about J2SYL at the top of this page: Successful J2SYL Campaign.

If you are an interested nonprofit or school, note that J2SYL advocates within organizations are only asked to:

  1. Choose 2-21 girls from their organization that they believe will benefit from J2SYL Program
  2. Notify the girls that they have been specially selected for J2SYL
  3. Connect the J2Girl with!

J2SYL is a 24/7, exclusively online mental health support system for girls. We are most grateful for principals and nonprofits to participate! In exchange, your girls will receive a free, research based, heart centered mental health program for their students in need – and they will help shape this pilot for future J2SYL Years to come.

Please enjoy learning more about us!  Questions? Email me at:

Thank you, and I hope your heart joins us!

~Jasper Faolan, MBA, RN
Journal To Save Your Life

University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing
Family Mental Health Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Student

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