~ Thank You J2SYL Donors ~

Thank you to the 77 awesome people who made our very first fundraiser an absolute success…in just over four weeks! This page is devoted to appreciating your crucial importance in making Journal To Save Your Life a reality.

wordle II

~ J2SYL National Supporter ~


~ J2Prima Ballerina ~


~ J2Spoken Word Artist ~

Kerri Lawnsby of Foxy Fusions
Jasper Faolan

~ J2Indie Artist~

Jenn Wright
Ryan Miner & Madeline Alcott
Kelsey Gibb
Susan Werstein
Lauren at Williams and Walsh Law

~ J2Bebopper ~

Heather Reece
Nicole Busch
Meagan Butler
Autumn Town
Cynthia Garza

~J2Graffitti Artist ~

Will Alonso
Petra Kelsey
Brent H. Thomas
Sarah Granger
Natalie Navar
Kimberley Hernandez
Nealey Levi
Matt Hannon
Will Miner
Andrew Li
Salley Callahan
Beth Turner
Kristen Filippo
Bryana Starr
Danielle Tucker
Sarah Beckham
J. Cook
K. Kosma
Maggie Flowers
Demola Davies
Johanna Greeson
Brandon Staglin
Bonnie Cox
Sarah Appleby
Chelsea Bodamer
Jef Bayless
Victoria Hunter
Candyce Rusk
Beth Winklerschmit
Kathy Fitzgerald
David Salisbury
C. Collett
Victoria Costa
Kan Yan

~ J2Splashed Paint ~

Michael Herrington
Tasha Lux
Megan Grady

~ Donor Identity Only ~

Dax and Amethyst Kurbegov
Forrest McCoy
Jenny Adams
August Tarantino
Philip Chang
Joy Williams
Barbara Costa
Lauren Rochell
Lisa Finn
Shawn Harrison
Natalie Wald
Nina M. Collins
Vinnie Lu

~ Anonymous ~

Eight donors supported Journal To Save Your Life anonymously!

Thank you all so much.

To donate to our current fundraiser, please visit this link –> here! This second fundraiser will determine whether or not we are able to launch with the Austin Independent School District on March 18th, 2013. Please be one of the people who helps support our mental health program. We need people like you! Thank you. ~Smiles~


First J2SYL Donors!

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