The Story, The Book

Many beautiful people received a free copy of Jasper Faolan’s book, a raw hummingbird, in exchange for donating to her nonprofit mental health movement for girls called Journal To Save Your Life ( This campaign was successful! We’ll let you know when we’re having our next one. ~Smiles!~

Journal To Save Your Life is founded on one girl’s story.

At the age of 17, Journal To Save Your Life founder Jasper Faolan began an eight year process of writing a trilogy about her adolescent delinquency. Through this intense, cathartic process of not shying away from most painful memories, she was able to heal and ultimately discover her own authentic Voice.

Journal To Save Your Life was undeniably born from this creative, therapeutic work. Jasper now wants to give young women like her the kind of mental health support necessary for them to discover themselves healthfully and viscerally through art.

Why a raw hummingbird is Important

a raw hummingbird speaks frankly yet artistically on a wide variety of emotionally sensitive and evocative subjects. Its unique style, both visually and linguistically, provides fertile ground for readers in their own self-exploration while also expanding the literary genre for literary critics and academics.

Few authors reveal such an intimate glimpse into their personal crises and growth, and Faolan’s openness and artistry resonate with readers across a wide spectrum of
human experience, including self-discovery, interpersonal relationships, spiritual exploration, sexuality, depression and healing, and existential anxiety.

Compelling and even shocking in its story line, yet rich in its depth of self-analysis, poetry, and ergodic literature style, this work is appropriate for both the lay and academic reader and discussant.

How to get your hands on a raw hummingbird

You can get a free copy of Jasper’s book by donating to her campaign here:  You can purchase a raw hummingbird from for $25 + s/h.  Or you can also send $15.00 + $2 s/h per book to Paypal account: For overseas orders, please add an additional $5.00 for shipping and handling. 20% of all profits on these direct orders goes towards Journal To Save Your Life.

Note: a raw hummingbird was first published in 2009. But Jasper didn’t want to promote her book *just* for the sake of promoting it. She wanted to found a mission and nonprofit, art-based, mental health service on the foundation of her own creative work. So she spent two years building Journal To Save Your Life. Now that Journal To Save Your Life has wings, book II will come out relatively soon.

From the Author:

My heart is devoted to building healthy relationships with and empowering at-risk youth to authentically be themselves – even in the shadow of perceived, societal risk.  As an author, entrepreneur, and ultimately as a psychiatric nurse practitioner (PNP), I intend to catalyze at-risk youth by publishing and promoting raw, true stories, developing an mental health program called Journal to Save Your Life, and laying the foundation for a child and adolescent focused PNP career.  The J2SYL Team focuses on transforming the detrimental effects of addiction, hyper-sexuality, sexuality confusion, delinquency and toxic relationships into the foundational pieces of Personal Revolution.  Our emphasis is on honesty, exposing one’s edges, finding one’s voice, and bold, shameless, cathartic healing.

Thank you for being here.

~Jasper Faolan

3 thoughts on “The Story, The Book”

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  2. I am so proud of you and blessed to know you. When I met you in N.Y. I had no idea that 4 years later I would be bragging to friends about your accomplishents but here I am. I can’t wait to snag a copy of your book. Keep up the good work lady. Love.

    1. Hi Charlie! I adore you! Thank you for your constant support. 🙂 It makes being a social activist all the more fun. ❤ Thank you for being exactly who you want to be. ❤

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