Journal To Save Your Life!

Journal To Save Your Life aspires to revolutionize the world of mental health with Internet technology. This website shows how we’re doing it.

Currently, only $3 billion of the $12 billion annual need for mental health services for adolescents is met[1]. For every 300-850 middle and high school students, there is only one school counselor.

It is the mission, duty, and purpose of Journal To Save Your Life (J2SYL) to help address America’s dearth of mental health resources.  Through education, research, and a free mental health program, we aim to alleviate the devastating intra and interpersonal effects experienced as a result of anxiety and depression. In terms of dissemination of our intervention program, an exclusively online approach is necessary to make the biggest impact on our youth. Doing so allows J2SYL to be infinitely scalable – a high priority for a nonprofit organization seeking to make an essential impact in youths’ lives.  J2SYL will come to fruition via astute social media, a cutting edge web design, and the 26 professionals who all volunteer their time to make J2SYL happen.

Journal To Save Your Life will help supplement the actions and efforts of school counselors, social workers, parents, mental health workers, communities, and nonprofits. J2SYL will connect directly with girls who find us online—girls that may or may not have any mental health support in their own environments. With a simple website, we aim to teach mental resiliency and confidence and effectively support our next generation of women.

[1] Mental Health Care for Youth Who Gets It? How Much Does It Cost? Who Pays? Where Does the Money Go?  Mental Health Care for Youth. Accessed 1/21/12 at:

JOURNAL TO SAVE YOUR LIFE is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation, and our nonprofit EIN # is 45-5403457.  Thus all donations are tax deductible! *Smiles*

2 thoughts on “Journal To Save Your Life!”

    1. Mitch! Thank you for your constant support and feedback. Your energy is forever valuable to me. It’s incredible what a dedicated team of volunteers can create, isn’t it? Next year’s launch will be intense and rewarding. Thank you, Mitch. ~heart~

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