J2SYL Program

J2Girls revolutionize their internal world with Journal To Save Your Life, and in so doing, they become cognizant creators of their futures.

J2SYL is a 52 week, free, highly secure online mental health intervention program for girls aged 13-17. J2SYL focuses on how girls can cognitively overcome traumatic experiences, choose more ideal relationships, and transform self-defeating thoughts into empowering ones. The beta website and corresponding pilot study begin in 2014.

Donate to J2SYL via credit card or PayPal

The efficacy of the J2SYL program will ultimately be evaluated following our pilot study. Results from our Pilot will go towards launching our final version of J2SYL and be submitted for inclusion in relevant academic publications.

Weekly “J2Gifts”

Each week a girl will receive a “J2Gift” in her email box. She will only be able to open the new gift if she’s opened and engaged with the previous week’s gift. This is for her benefit, as every gift builds on the last.

J2SYL Gifts include:

Social Skills Training

    • Dr. Susan Werstein in partnership with J2SYL Founder, Jasper Faolan, has developed this section of J2SYL. Relevant guidance and questions about healthy relationships, self-concept, resilience, and what it means to be an empowered girl are included.
    • For an outline of all of the social skills covered, watch this space.

Computerized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) worksheets[1]

Therapeutic Art

  • As the study of medical humanities and narrative psychotherapy reasons, the stories we tell ourselves can determine our emotional, physical, and mental health.
  • J2SYL Therapeutic Art aims to ignite a serious, silly, life-changing, and/or supportive conversation with each girl every week. We include a link to a video, audio file, journal entry, photograph, dance piece, spoken word performance, and/or news item, and then we ask each girl to EXPRESS! their own thoughts and story in reply.
  • Girls can EXPRESS in response to our Therapeutic Art section in/by:
  1. a private journal
  2. their J2SYL online journal
  3. conversations with best friends, family members, or counselors
  4. on stage with Girl Rock! Camp[2] anywhere across the nation[3] (girls will have to sign up to this camp or any other camp independently, and then they can explore their J2SYL Gifts during their camp experiences!)
  5. scripting a play
  6. choreographing a hip-hop dance
  7. creating YouTube videos, original songs, finger puppets, and/or audacious spoken word poems

Research shows that such guided expression can alleviate the effects of mental health stress and thereby reduce self-harm behaviors and increase self-esteem.

J2Girls can EXPRESS with any medium at any time that suits them. This is part of the beauty of J2SYL. While other programs have to have a therapist actively engaging with a girl one on one, we help the girls where they are at: online, and then they can take their expressive creativity out into the world.

Anytime a girl does feel like she needs someone to talk to, especially about something difficult, she can push the “IMAlive.com” and other chat and phone help buttons on every J2SYL webpage. These resources provide 365/24/7 private services staffed by trained mental health professionals. This way every J2Girl does have access to a professional whenever she needs one.

More J2SYL Program Details! (Next page.)

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