Hey Chickadee!!!

Jasper Faolan here. I’m the founder of Journal To Save Your Life, and I really want you to be involved in our totally life changing, forever-free mental health service.

J2SYL looks at supporting your mental health in a fresh, interactive, we-are-totally-devoted-to-you kind of way. J2SYL is not some boring government site that tells you what depression is and how you should paint your toenails pink to make yourself feel better. We’re a hard core group of people that have been through some heavy intensity, and we’re now in a place in our lives where we’ve wanted to connect with girls like you to support your reality and your process. J2SYL is designed to support you in defining who you are while you push back against depression and any feelings of anxiety. To learn about how our program does this, check this out. I think you’ll love it.

The First Generation of J2Girls Define the Future of the ENTIRE J2SYL Program

Everyone has a voice, and we want to hear yours. As the FIRST set of girls to go through J2SYL, all of your suggestions will be integrated into the final version of our program, to be launched in 2014.  Your comments will seriously determine how we connect with girls like you for years to come. Big deal.

J2SYL is yours, if you want it. With you J2SYL will ultimately be the creation of an entire community of loud, fiery female youth who are sure to rock our worlds. Be with us.

How To Be Involved

Go to our SIGN UP! Page on this website, and sign up! You’ll provide your username, and a couple of emergency contacts — in cast our J2Robot picks up a journal entry of yours that sounds dangerous. We have a team of 26 mental health evaluators that will anonymously contact you with support — in real time — if you need it. So make sure you actually give us your phone number! We promise that NO ONE but J2SYL Staff will be able to see it. It’s totally private, and only if we need to support you through a tough time.

On Your Own Terms ~ OYOT

Couple of notes: We are not a religious group. We do not have a specific agenda about how you should ‘think’ about your life (gross).  We love diversity, and we don’t want to make all of you into clones of one another. We want each girl to discover and create Herself. No one else. So whoever you are, no matter how twisted, strange, hilarious, goofy, or whatever, the Journal To Save Your Life program is devoted to finding YOUR version of YOU.

Thank you for reading. We believe in you, and you’re important to us. That’s why everyone on our team volunteers their time. This is a passion project, and you’re worth this. No matter what’s gone on or what is going on for you, you are worth this.



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