J2SYL Campaign Success!

Hey there ~ thanks for visiting Journal To Save Your Life. There is so much growth here. We are now in our capacity building phase, thanks to you helping us start up!


Journal To Save Your Life is born from one girl’s story of transformation.  Founder Jasper Faolan was a “troubled teen”, and some even said she would amount to nothing. When she was 17 years old she started to thread all of her journal writing, emails, and reflections into a trilogy about her adolescent delinquency — and what it meant for her life. This act of expression and creation truly saved her life. Journal To Save Your Life is her space for girls to express and create their own versions of true mental health in any/all art medium(s) that move them.

Journal To Save Your Life is a highly innovative, exclusively online, research-based intervention program for girls. After successfully!!! raising ~$17,000 over two campaigns WE ARE GOING NATIONAL 2014-2015!

Read our fundraising success story here: www.indiegogo.com/JournalToSaveYourLife2

Want Jasper Faolan’s book that started it all? Visit her info page, and if it strikes your fancy: Go to Paypal.com and send $15 + $1.50 s/h to Paypal account: arawhummingbird@gmail.com. Yes!

donors III

Thank you all SO MUCH for making our crowd-funding experience so successful. There is nothing like ~200 people donating to one girl’s dream to make a mental health innovation come to fruition. I’m so excited to launch Journal To Save Your Life with you!

Be with me!

Unconditional love,

~Jasper Faolan, MBA, RN, Author
Founder, www.J2SYL.org
Donate to J2SYL via credit card or PayPal
The University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing
Family Mental Health Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Student

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